808 Blake – 808 Blake’s Love Child (Album Download)


Somewhere 808 Blake and that Hump Day camel are going crazy, I’m sure. No knock to the latter, but 808 Blake’s reason for excitement is more legit in that it stems from the release of his solo instrumental album, 808 Blake’s Love Child. Blake hipped us to the project last week and today we’re happy to announce that folks can download Love Child for free.

We can’t say enough about how proud we are of Blake. We’ve been bumping “Gesture,” “Crumbling,” and “Donkey Years.” Also, if you need a good ‘ole NSFW laugh, listen to “Daddy’s Boy.”

808 Blake’s Love Child also features production from NEVR and Kyle King. The track “Daddy’s Boy,” was recorded by Trinidad James producer, Justin Padron. Cover art by CJ Bryant.

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