10 the Hard Way w/Oni of +FRESH.i.AM+ (Story Preview)


True story: I was once paid $80 for a snapback.

Before you get to thinking, let me tell you a little something about this purchase. For starters, the hat itself is pretty plain, black, simple. From there, things get pretty interesting. Six white stars, hand-stitched onto the cap go around in a circle and on either side of the adjustable clasp are “+” signs.

This modern style marvel was created by +FRESH.i.AM+, and as the production leader, Oni has literally bled (and been burned) in helping build their wearable art movement. Before we give you her story, Oni was kind enough to do 10 the Hard Way with us.

Childhood hero:  My mom.

Worst job ever had: I don’t think I’ve had a “worst job.” When I have a job I appreciate that I have it. It could be worse. The worst job I’ve ever had is not having a job.

Favorite book: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.”

Dream vacation: Space.

Biggest pet peeve: When people say, “I could care less,” because it’s the opposite of what they mean and they don’t get it.

Artist you look up to: M.I.A.

Spirit animal: Unicorn.

Scares you most: I’m working on not having phobias, because when you give something fear, when you give something negative energy, you’re giving it powers. When I do find a phobia it’s my goal to just face it.

Favorite leisure activity: I like to be outside in nature, chilling, maybe reading a book.

The best part about life is: You can do anything if you set your mind to it. As long as you know the rules and you know how to break them, there’s nothing that’s really stopping you except for yourself. Once you realize that, the sky is the limit.

Photography by Kelsey Ryan

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