10 the Hard Way w/Jert (Story Preview)


We first ran into Jert at ICE, and were immediately caught off guard and in awe at his “absurdist pop art.” I mean how often does one see insanely well-illustrated and painted images of Clark Kent dropping acid, “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White dubbed, “The Cook,” (seen after the jump) and R2-D2 realized as Star Trek’s USS Enterprise? After buying three of his pieces, we never saw him again.

We finally caught up with the man born, Jeremy Townsend by way of Jefferson County, Missouri, a few months later. Jert (a combination of his first and last name) has found his artistic niche in Atlanta after living in New Orleans and traveling the world. From once doubling as a cartoonist and caricature artist to being the creative mind behind Red Brick Brewery’s A-Town Brown Ale bottle art, Jert’s kept a  busy hustle for as long as he can remember. Luckily, 13thflr was able to catch Jert on one of his off days to get the full story (coming soon) and of course, 10 the Hard Way.

Favorite cartoon and comic growing up: Definitely Golden Age Looney Toons. Second place would probably be Ren and Stimpy. Comic book? Probably the ‘80s Wolverine – incredible.

Most inspirational city you’ve visited: Barcelona; beautiful city, beautiful architecture and the art’s incredible.

Vices: Definitely BBQ – food in general.

Best advice you never took: My grandfather used to always tell me, “Enjoy being young,” and I don’t think I ever did. Even though I look back on it and its like, “Oh it wasn’t that fun, there was a lot of s***.” I could jump higher and run faster, so maybe I should have enjoyed crap like that.

First pet: I had a dog named, Little Dog. The dog treated me like its baby.


If you weren’t an artist you’d be: I probably would have tried to be a standup comedian.

Falcons or Saints: Sorry, Saints. Yea, that’s going to lose me a lot of followers on Twitter.

Describe ATL’s art scene with one word: Exciting.

First thing you ever painted/sketched: I’m a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan and when I was a kid I’d get the spring training issue, and I would go through and draw all of the players’ portraits. I’d get my little crayons and I’d get my little lined notebook paper and I would draw every single one.

Who killed Biggie and Tupac: Can I say greed?

Last thing you do before you sleep: Clean my paint brushes.

Photography by Kelsey Ryan

Art by Jert

2 thoughts on “10 the Hard Way w/Jert (Story Preview)

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