808 Blake’s Love Child Cover Art


Back in my high school days, I can remember spending hours on end with at the east side Atlanta home of Mike and Bev German. Their son and my good friend, Blake, was just starting to embrace his obsession with making music as a producer and the scary part about it was that even in the beginning, the kid’s talent was beyond good.

Fast forward a few years, and the guy known to most folks as 808 Blake of SMKA has put together his own solo project, an instrumental album called, 808 Blake’s Love Child. I feel like we’re in high school all over again, and I couldn’t be happier for the man I lovingly call, BGeezus.

Here’s what 808 Blake had to say about it:

“This project is an instrumental album have been working on since about June. It’s basically an album that came about due to both frustration and passion which is why I call it my love child. Having been inspired by instrumentalist like, Herbie Hancock, Mandrill, Roy Ayers and even Emancipator, I just decided to do my own project. It sonically combines the 808 southern bass with trippy samples and ambient synths. It’s cool for me because it’s my first turn at being the sole focus on a project.”

808 Blake’s Love Child drops September 18. The cover art comes from CJ Bryant.

Go! Ricky Go! – Dick Brown’s Tall Tails of Foxy Cottontail (Album Download)

artworks-000057046050-4gpv8u-t500x500Well, first there was the the single, and now Go! Ricky Go! has blessed the masses with his first solo album, Dick Brown’s Tall Tails of Foxy Cottontail.

You can download the album for free. Chances are, there will be some Go! Ricky Go! and Five Points Music Group shows coming soon in support of this project. You’ll be sure to catch us at a few. Till then, enjoy the music.

Go! Ricky Go! – “Slim Chances” ft. Walt Live (Single)


Another day, another new song. “Slim Chances” comes compliments of Go! Ricky Go! aka Ricky Fontaine. It’s Ricky’s “first ever” single outside of his group with Walt Live, iNDEED. “Slim Chances” finds Ricky rapping and playing guitar, and will be the first offering from his forthcoming album, Dick Brown’s Tall Tails of Foxy Cottaintail.

Produced by DJ Burn One and Five Points Music Group, “Slim Chances,” is that hypnotic, drug-laced song with tales of life on the edge that you won’t feel bad singing to because it’s that damn good.  Also, big shout out to the lady behind the cover art and Ricky’s wife, Malia Sioux. Look out for their story on 13thflr coming soon. For now, enjoy the new music.

BOSCO: “Black Book” (Single)


Our long-time friend, BOSCO, and her band just blessed the interwebs with a new single, “Black Book.” Some may call it a comeback, some may say BOSCO’s “resurfaced,” but like I told her this morning, she never left. The new track also comes with some ethereal visuals compliments of Andrew Litten.

BOSCO says this one of four singles she’s releasing by the end of the year. If “Black Book” is any indication, Ms. BOSCO and company are onto something worth the wait. Look out for more from BOSCO on this site and listen the single below and be sure to download that thing too.