Who is Jert? (Interview)


Jeremy Townsend always thought his last name was cursed. Call him superstitious, but Townsend blames his paranoia on the family history.

We have a bunch of crazy people and terrible stories, so I decided to go with ‘Jert,'” he says.

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Art, Beats + Lyrics in ATL (Event)

PrintThere’s several reasons we’re pumped for this edition of Art, Beats + Lyrics, but mainly 1) The free spirits compliments of Gentlemen Jack and 2) Our family, Diwang Valdez, will finally unveil his “The Happy Rapper” photo series.

Trust us, you’ve never seen some of your favorite artists in the candid, jovial way that Diwang has captured them. Y’all can expect an interview with Mr. Valdez about “The Happy Rapper” in the near future.

Thanks for the heads up, Fadia Kader! See y’all tomorrow in West Midtown! First drinks on us. Ha!