Life Lessons with Sean Fahie (Interview)


It can hard to get a read on Sean Fahie the first few times you meet him. The St. Croix-born artist, author and designer who calls his style, “hobo chic,” wears many hats and is seemingly connected to every single creative scene in the City of Atlanta.

To better understand the mind of Mr. Fahie is to read his book, “Things About Women and Other Short Stories I Seem to Forget.” Created mostly, during “drunken nights on the computer,” “Things About Women,” shows Sean in his most vulnerable and candid moments, and if you’ve ever spent a night (or day) partying with the guy you know that’s saying a lot.

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10 the Hard Way w/Sean Fahie (Story Preview)

seanfahie2I met Sean Fahie (pronounced “Foi”) a few years back through my friend, BOSCO. Since our first meeting we’ve kept in touch and always had a mutual respect as a writers (one of his many titles and talents). Hell, he even jokes to folks that I’m his cousin.

Anyway, Sean had us over to talk about his life as an artist, lover and “purveyor of fun” in ATL. Like the good sport that he is, Sean let me hit him with 10 the Hard Way, random questions that come from the weird parts of my brain. Look out for Sean’s full story next week.

Last time you cried: I was drunk, arguing with my girl a month or so ago and I was crying then. I was so drunk I woke up the next morning, and I was like, “I did that.” She was like, “Yeah, you were drunk.”

What does heaven smell like:  Fresh cut grass or mangos.

Favorite movie: “Love Jones.” I saw that and I was like, “Man I want to move to a city and write.”

Worst investment ever made: Financially, cigarettes are the worst investment I’ve ever made.

Happy place: Everywhere I’m at. I’m a positive dude, so I can be anywhere and I’m good.

I don’t leave home without: Phone, keys, wallet.

Buried or cremated: If I was cremated I’d want my ashes to be spread across the ocean. If I was buried I’d want my homies to see me, so they could have a party at my funeral and I could still be there…I’ll go with buried so my homies can party.

Song that would intro the soundtrack to my life: Something from [Nas’] “Illmatic,” Bob Marley or Miles Davis.

Women are: The most amazing creatures on this planet.

Last  thing I do before I sleep: Either kiss my girl or say my prayers. It depends on how drunk or sober I was that night.

Photography by Kelsey Ryan