SMKA Presents The Hangout: A3C Edition (Mixtape Download)


We gave you a heads up about SMKA Presents The Hangout: A3c Edition, and now you can have it all to yourself if you download it here. The 14-track compilation doesn’t disappoint and somehow despite the myriad of artists involved, listening is seamless as if all these cats had been making music together for years. Amazing what creative minds can achieve in all of 36 hours.


  1. “How Much” – Boldy James, Problem & Jarren Benton (Produced by SMKA)
  2. “All Night All Day” – Chuck Inglish ft. Planet VI (Produced by SMKA)
  3. “Decatur Booty” – ForteBowie ft. Denzel Curry & Jus Nice (Produced by Kato of SMKA)
  4. “I Did it First” –  Scotty ATL, Shawn Chrystopher, Chase Allen & Cool is Mac (Produced by SMKA)
  5. “Kingdom” – Doley Bernays & Kris Kassanova (Produced by Kato of SMKA)
  6. “Talkin Bout” – 40 Akerz ft. Chill Moody (Produced by Prolyfic)
  7. “I’ve Been Here Before” – Kings Dead & Bizzy Crook (Produced by SMKA)
  8. “Lay Me Down” – Kelsey LU & Drey Skonie (Produced by SMKA)
  9. “The Lion’s Den” – Earthgang (Produced by SMKA)
  10. “I Got That” – GQ ft. Halo (Produced by Kamal for RadioActiveKids)
  11. “I Ain’t Playin” – Runway Richy (Produced by Prolyfic)
  12. “Rage Against the Machine” – Al, Sy Ari Da Kid & Skyzoo (Produced by Kato of SMKA)
  13. “Troubles of a Man” – Locksmith, Kidd Kidd & Frey Skonie (Produced by SMKA)
  14. “No Stress” –  J Nics ft. iNDEED, Cory Mo & Ebony Love (Produced by DJ Burn One)

SMKA Presents The Hangout: A3C Edition (First Leak Download)


Those SMKA boys are at it again. A week or so ago my brother 808 Blake sent me this track “How Much” with Boldy James, Problem and Jarren Benton joining forces. Blake wanted my early thoughts and I told him something along the lines of this was, “Chief Keef meets Lil’ Jon and the East Side Boyz meets A$AP Mob,” to which he replied, “that was spot on!” Don’t take it from me, you can check out the track below.

“How Much” is the first leak from The Hangout: A3C Edition mixtape. In collaboration with Revolt TV and the aforementioned A3C Festival, SMKA booked the legendary Stankonia Studios here in Atlanta. The idea was to get some of the best up and coming music talent to connect, vibe and make tunes for the rest of us to enjoy. After three days, almost 30 artists and 12-hour recording marathons, the first release is now upon us.

The Hangout: A3C Edition features production from SMKA’s 808 Blake and Kato, as well as Prolyfic and Kamal of RadioActiveKids. Other artists include Chuck Inglish, Forte Bowie and Scotty ATL. The Hangout: A3C Edition will be released on Tuesday, October 29.

Dustin Chambers’ Muse (Interview)


Dustin Chambers likes to take his time.

We’re sitting on the front porch of the Atlanta home he shares with some of his best friends, and he’s entertaining my line of questioning like an excited student in a literature seminar: eager to jump in, but still cautious enough to be thoughtful and brutally honest.

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808 Blake – 808 Blake’s Love Child (Album Download)


Somewhere 808 Blake and that Hump Day camel are going crazy, I’m sure. No knock to the latter, but 808 Blake’s reason for excitement is more legit in that it stems from the release of his solo instrumental album, 808 Blake’s Love Child. Blake hipped us to the project last week and today we’re happy to announce that folks can download Love Child for free.

We can’t say enough about how proud we are of Blake. We’ve been bumping “Gesture,” “Crumbling,” and “Donkey Years.” Also, if you need a good ‘ole NSFW laugh, listen to “Daddy’s Boy.”

808 Blake’s Love Child also features production from NEVR and Kyle King. The track “Daddy’s Boy,” was recorded by Trinidad James producer, Justin Padron. Cover art by CJ Bryant.

808 Blake’s Love Child Cover Art


Back in my high school days, I can remember spending hours on end with at the east side Atlanta home of Mike and Bev German. Their son and my good friend, Blake, was just starting to embrace his obsession with making music as a producer and the scary part about it was that even in the beginning, the kid’s talent was beyond good.

Fast forward a few years, and the guy known to most folks as 808 Blake of SMKA has put together his own solo project, an instrumental album called, 808 Blake’s Love Child. I feel like we’re in high school all over again, and I couldn’t be happier for the man I lovingly call, BGeezus.

Here’s what 808 Blake had to say about it:

“This project is an instrumental album have been working on since about June. It’s basically an album that came about due to both frustration and passion which is why I call it my love child. Having been inspired by instrumentalist like, Herbie Hancock, Mandrill, Roy Ayers and even Emancipator, I just decided to do my own project. It sonically combines the 808 southern bass with trippy samples and ambient synths. It’s cool for me because it’s my first turn at being the sole focus on a project.”

808 Blake’s Love Child drops September 18. The cover art comes from CJ Bryant.