Go! Ricky Go! – “Slim Chances” ft. Walt Live (Single)


Another day, another new song. “Slim Chances” comes compliments of Go! Ricky Go! aka Ricky Fontaine. It’s Ricky’s “first ever” single outside of his group with Walt Live, iNDEED. “Slim Chances” finds Ricky rapping and playing guitar, and will be the first offering from his forthcoming album, Dick Brown’s Tall Tails of Foxy Cottaintail.

Produced by DJ Burn One and Five Points Music Group, “Slim Chances,” is that hypnotic, drug-laced song with tales of life on the edge that you won’t feel bad singing to because it’s that damn good.  Also, big shout out to the lady behind the cover art and Ricky’s wife, Malia Sioux. Look out for their story on 13thflr coming soon. For now, enjoy the new music.